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Transportation in London

Transport for London I love the public transportation in London. Or more specifically, I love the fact that there is public transportation in London that works good enough to generally never need a personal car. Of course, living and working in London makes that easier! Lorie has to drive to Reading to get to her office since the train and bus combination to get there is painfully long.

However, last night Lorie took the bus home after going out with some friends and the bus took quite a while due to a Chelsea football (soccer) game that had just let out. Milo and I were waiting by the bus stop for her and Milo enjoyed watching everyone walking past us … for 45 minutes. This morning, my bus stopped and everyone had to get on the next bus – not sure why though since the bus seemed just fine. This was during rush hour, so two packed busses tried to fit into one. It was almost as crowded as the tube during rush hour!  

I still enjoy it though. The TimeOut London magazine recently had a series of articles about the London Underground that is pretty interesting too – assuming you are interested in public transportation and how London’s Tube system came to be what it is today.  

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