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Multi-lingual grandma in the pub

Tonight we (Milo, Lorie, and Brian) went to The Telegraph to meet up with Cullen. The pub as crowded so I asked if we could join an old lady (92) having dinner by herself since she was in an area with 4 big comfortable chairs and a small table. She said yes and turns out she lives near Cullen (upstairs!) and Cullen knew her, but she couldn’t remember him though.

Despite her short term memory problems, she had some interesting stories. She speaks English, French, German, and Russian and was an interpretor – probably during WWII.

She was quite happy to have our company and to meet us, and likewise. Although Milo was more interested in her dinner than he was in her, which is of course normal for him.

  1. Gail
    April 20, 2007 at 2:16 am

    We’ve done something like that before and generally have had a good time visiting with a total stranger.  I did that a few weeks ago at a MM baseball game.  Sat on my bike next to the visiting team parents from Lynden.  Had a great visit with two fathers.  We did that in Italy too.  Tried it in Germany but that didn’t work out!  Brian, do you remeber Gramdma Florence walking around the neighborhood in Federal?  She meet more people in a week that we did in seven years.  Keep up the adventure………….Dad

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