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My First Lefsa in Norway

Not too many places are open on a Sunday in Oslo, so we had a late lunch, which was simply a mix of grilled meats, then walked around in the brisk Norwegian air. But, we did come across a 7-11. Now I am sure you are thinking… oh no, Brian, you didn’t get lefsa at an America-based junk-food chain store!?!

Yes, I did.


As you can see, this isn’t the lefsa that Mom makes (for those of who who know who Mom is or for those of you who’s mom makes lefsa), or even what you can buy in some grocery stores in Seattle. However, I saw lefsa on the package and just had to try it. According to a free language translation site, "tykk" means "dense, stout, swollen, or thick", which is about right, because this was somewhat cake like. It also had a thin layer of a sweet cream cheese in the middle, or something like that.

I think it was basically a Norwegian Twinkie, because after eating it I sort of had a stomach ache, so it’s probably best that Lorie didn’t try it. I plan to keep looking for better tasting lefsa.  

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