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Happy Poodle on The Amstel

September 23, 2022 Leave a comment

Random Amsterdam Things

September 10, 2022 Leave a comment
There are about a dozen of these hoops on this court, with teams around each one trying to shoot a ball into the basket. Sort of like basketball around one hoop, but with no backstop.
Grapes grow fast in the summer: this started as a small bit of green on the right side at the beginning of the summer.

Scottish Cows (Ayrshire) & Poodles

August 29, 2022 Leave a comment

They met on a walk and I was glad to have the fence between us. The dogs didn’t care about the cow, but the cow never took his eyes off of us.

New Small Electric Cars in Amsterdam

August 26, 2022 Leave a comment

Mountain Climbing at 80

August 21, 2022 1 comment

The parents and I visited Mt. Saint Helens today and rewarded ourselves with beer and fries at a local roadside bar afterwards.

We saw all of the viewpoints and educational centers along the way.

New Benches in Amsterdam

August 14, 2022 Leave a comment

Hot day in Amsterdam

July 19, 2022 Leave a comment

This cat accurately demonstrates how we feel in the city.

37 Celsius is 98.6 Fahrenheit. If we hit the 38C forecast, that’s 100.4F.

Jersey, Wedding Day

July 17, 2022 1 comment

Jersey, West Coast

July 15, 2022 1 comment

Our friend Jerry and I did about 16km of hiking today up the west coast of Jersey. The tide here is amazing; it changes between 9. & 12 meters from low to high tide. That’s more than a 3 story building! So, at times the beach is huge and at other times it is very small. I’ve mostly seen low tide so far.

The weather has been unusually perfect here this week; remember it is basically part of England but not really. See

Jersey, Day 2

July 14, 2022 Leave a comment

We checked out Mont Orgueil castle today. It has a very rich history:

I found it fascinating that the tide changes by about 12 meters! Notice the boats in the harbour that are sitting on the sand.

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