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Random Thoughts: Cider, Space Junk, and Milo

Half and Regular cider

Cider: I usually drink the Aspall Cyder at our favourite Friday night pub (Spencer Arms) and I just discovered the half-pint. Most beers and ciders in the UK have their own glasses, except half-pint servings are often in a generic glass. Not so for the Aspall Cyder at the Spencer Arms.

Space Junk: Earlier this week, Lorie and I met up with a friend of a friend named Casey who works at Boeing and was in London for work. He does military-related stuff these days, so he couldn’t tell us much about his work, but at a previous job at Boeing he designed the emergency exit doors for Boeing 737 planes. His dad used to work at Boeing too and some of his work is still sitting on the moon! Apparently the antennas of the moon rovers are his. Milo in the grass   

Milo: This is for Alex’s benefit, since he calls this the "dog blog". This picture was taken in the Barnes Common field near what we call the "creepy hospital". We call it that because the hospital is closed, but sometimes lights are on and we once saw a nurse near the back entrance late at night.

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