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Warm weekend in London

Milo and his tongue On the Thames at low tide

Despite the forecast for rain, the weekend turned out to be warm and sunny. We took Milo on a walk around the Thames from Hammersmith bridge to Putney bridge during low tide, so we were able to walk along the water and let Milo drink from the river. Hopefully the water wasn’t too toxic.

We also ended up at a friend’s party in Soho, where we were supposed come as Vikings. I figured being all Norwegian (a few generations ago) was good enough. You can see the BT Tower in the background from their deck, which is on the top of the building. It makes for a great place to have a partyRooftop deck in Soho London, especially when it is warm out and all the pubs down on the streets around the building are overflowing with people.    

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